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“Control Tonight” Date Rape Ad Is A Sloppy Mess

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Background: I wrote this for my Women’s Law Project internship, before the ad was picked up by Feministing, Jezebel, or any other major feminist blog. But the WLP blog admins can be a bit slow about posting things, so the ad became old news before we got the final edits, and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board actually pulled the ad (that’s a quote from our Women’s Law Project senior staff attorney in that there link!) before the blog was posted.

However, I still thought that my original version, without the tone edits, was worth posting on my personal blog because it was a bit more in-depth than some of the other blogs I’ve seen written about this ad, and also because I worked hard on it!

So without further ado (except a TRIGGER WARNING for lurid and insensitive handling of sexual assault in an ad campaign, including a photo, after the cut. If you’re triggerable and want to read the post without seeing the photo, please email me or leave me a comment!)

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