Lovebite The Site is the personal blog of a Ms. Tracey Hickey, which she created after she realized that all the writing she shared with her friends and the Internet via Facebook note was technically copyrighted by Facebook. For now, this is a place to direct her friends when she has ramblings that she doesn’t want to put in a Note.

This isn’t (or I don’t expect it to be) a sex and relationships blog, or a kink blog, although I do read sex-pos and feminist kink blogs and enjoy them very much. Lovebite = what my last name is. If I waited until I had something actually clever to make this blog, I’d be using Facebook notes forever.

Anyway, I should probably have my own blog. Not in the way that I keep swearing I’m REALLY going to start my own feminist blog this time I SWEAR, but in the way that if you’re a Writer you need to have someplace on the internet to put your unpublishable rantings where people besides your Facebook friends can see them. I have a blogging internship for the Women’s Law Project right now and my more coherent and relevant thoughts are being published weekly in a column in the Pitt News, so writing is something I’m doing a lot of right now. But you can never really be doing too much of it.

This blog is likely to contain swearing, frank discussion of sex, mismanaged political rage, bleeding heart liberalism, contradictory human bullshit, and cringing insecurity. So it goes.

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